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Specializing in non-toxic insect control manufacturing since 1980
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Thank you for finding us, we have been manufacturing non-toxic insect control products along with horticulture products since 1980. We make all sizes of yellow sticky strips. Our sticky cards will trap the adult stages of flying insects such as western flower thrips (WFT), whiteflies, fungus gnats, shoreflies, leafminers, winged aphids, cabbage root maggot, carrot rust fly, cabbage white butterfly, cucumber beetle, onion fly and other damaging insects. We make biting fly traps this economical fly control system is easy to install, is non-toxic, does not utilize propane tanks, and is guaranteed to capture large volumes of biting flies and bloodthirsty relatives include black flies, deer flies, horse flies, stable flies, and tiny biting midges, called no-see-ums. We manufacture Low Watt Propagation Mats and Thermostats to help you germinate seeds and propagate cuttings. We make Fly traps for windows, sticky fly tape for barns, stables and kennels we make sticky fly ribbon for home insect control. We make rodent control products for mouse control , sticky mouse glue boards, rodent and insect monitoring boards.