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Propagation Heat Mat
OP-175  22"x 96" 240 Watts
OP-110  22"x 44" 120 Watts
OP-55    22"x 22" 60 Watts
OP-27    22"x 14" 30 Watts
Ft-15 Thermostat
Ft-7 Thermostat
Heat Mats & Thermostats

2,000 Watts Maximum Capacity. Range 60-100 degrees Fahrenheit. + or - 1 Degree.
​1,000 Watts Maximum Capacity. 
Range 60-100 degrees Fahrenheit. + or - 1 Degree.
Propagation Mat Set Up

Select a germination area that is normally heated within 15 degrees F of the temperature you need to germinate your seeds

Propagation Mats must be protected with a GFCI electrical circuit

1. It is recomended to use a sheet of plywood or some type of wood as a base. Do Not use Foam, It creates Hot Spots and reduces life of Heat mat

2. Cover wood with Plastic. It will help protect the underside of the mat.

3. Place the Propagation Heat Mat down with the label facing up.

4. Cover Propagation Heat Mat with plastic. This will help keep it dry.

5. Place aluminum screen over plastic. This will be used as a ground. It can be grounded to any electrical ground or the bolt on the ft15 thermostat if you are using it. 

6. Cover screen with plastic. We are trying to keep the mat dry and extending the life of it.

7. Place your trays down evenly. Do not use styrofoam trays, they insulate and can cause hot spots.

8. Put a sheet of clear plastic over seedlings. This will aid in water retention and allow light to penetrate.

Caution: Puncturing of the propagation mat or misuse may cause an electrical shock or even a fire. Do not Fold or crease the mat or expose to high greenhouse temperatures.

For Increased Propagation Mat Life Lay Flat To Store.