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Apple Maggot Kit
25Ea. Disposable Apple's, Wire holders and Sticky Adhesive With Brush tip.
Case Size: 8"x 8"x 8" 3 Lbs.
Biting Fly Trap BFT 197
Plant Stakes
Sticky Fly Trap for Windows
Insect Patch
Hardware kit for Sticky Fly Tape
Our Products
BFT box contains one trap two clear sticky sleeves, hardware kit and wooden stake.
Box Size: 26.5"x 12.5"x 2" 2 Lbs.
Package contains 10ea. 2"x 7" Traps.
Great for indoor potted plants.
Package contains 5 Traps.
Unique design blocks view of flies.
3"x 3" clear sticky sheet with insect traping adhesive, back side has suface friendly adhesive for multi placement use.
Kit contains two metal brackets, empty spool, 3 pulleys, clips and hardware.
Sticky Fly Tape
 1,000 ft 5mm wide Roll of Sticky Fly Tape. Fit's other manufacturers hardware kits. 
Plug In Fly Trap
1 Trap, 1 Blue Lamp and 3 Sticky Trapping Sheets.

Crawling insect trap
Case of 100 Apples Only Available
​Case Size: 10.5"x 8"x 6.25" 3 Lbs.