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10 Boxes/ 100 Ea. 3"x 5" Yellow Sticky Strips 1,000 per master carton.
Carton Size: 19.5"x 8"x 6.25" 14Lbs.
PCR 530-2 Available on Amazon Click Photo to purchase...
Sticky Strips
26 Bags/ 25 Ea. 3"x 5" Yellow Sticky Strips.
Carton Size: 8"x8"x8" 9Lbs.
50 Bags/ 9 Ea. Yellow Sticky Strips & 3 Wire Holders.
Carton Size: 15"x 7"x 13" 11Lbs.
4 Boxes 125 Ea. 6"x 12" Yellow Sticky Strips
Carton Size: 15"x 7"x 13" 30Lbs.
8 Boxes 50 Ea. 6"x 12" Yellow Sticky Strips
Carton Size: 15"x 7"x 13" 27Lbs.
530' Roll 2" Wide Sticky on both sides.
This new and improved version of our PCR530 has thick cardboard flanges, along with heavy duty plastic plugs with a one inch hole in the center. This will help users quickly and cleanly dispense the product.
12" Long Wire Holders For Sticky Strips.

100SS12 100 Wire Holders Per Box.
Carton Size: 13"x4"x5" 3Lbs

1000SS12 1,000 Wire Holders Bulk box.
Carton Size: 17"x10.5"x10" 29Lbs
PCR 530 available in 2" 6" 10" and 12" wide rolls. 
Olson Stiky Stuff 
18 Cans 8oz. ea. with brush applicator.
Carton Size: 8"x8"x8" 11Lbs.

Stiky Jar Trap For Flies
Great for fruit flies and other household flies. Package contains 1 Jar Trap, 3 Sticky Cards, 3 Bait Packs, 1 wire holder and instructions. Jar 6" Tall 2 1/2" Wide 

Brush On Insect Trap Coating 1 Quart
New Olson Garden Guard 2" wide by 100 ft. long yellow sticky ribbon perfect size for the home gardener.