Olson Products' roots began near the University of Wisconsin where Earle Olson had just graduated with a Mechanical Engineering degree. He was approached by local horticulturists who were seeking a method to sterilize their growing soil. Earle came up with a solution and demand grew. The same customers sought improved methods for accelerated seed germination, and propagation mats were designed with a closer temperature control tolerance than what existed on the market at the time.

Olson Products developed the first of its kind, Mini Hot House a consumer self-start seed product that utilized a soil-less growing medium. This product was introduced during the holiday season through JC Penney department stores and proved to be a very popular product. The demand for this product, set in motion the purchase of a Medina, OH based business. This relocation offered close proximity to an abundance of greenhouses surrounding the Lake Erie region and new opportunities for insect control development.

Today, through years of research and development, non-toxic insect control has become our flagship product line. Whether your business is large scale commercial farming, horticulture, orchard management, livestock farming, or backyard gardener, Olson Products has a product that can benefit your production through insect control.

More recently, we have developed live catch rodent traps focusing on chipmunk and mouse capture. Olson Products? Easy Chipmunk Traps have developed into an extremely popular product selling every day on Amazon.

The next generation of the Olson family welcomes you to try our products. We are proud of our history, and proud knowing, that we are a small part of the prosperity of your business too.